We can solve
the climate crisis

The carbon tax and rebate saves you money, while ensuring a healthy future.

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Later is too late

Climate change is not a far-off threat. It’s here now, affecting our communities and our country. But there are ways to fight this crisis that are affordable. Putting a price on polution is essential to quickly bringing down our emissions.
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Climate change is here

We need to stop it — without going broke

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A carbon tax can help

Now there’s a price on pollution

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The rebate makes it affordable

90% of the rebates go back to Canadians

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If you stop burning fossil fuels, you come out ahead

Carpool, take transit, install a heat pump, or buy an EV

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If you can change, the carbon tax costs you little or nothing

60% of Canadians will come out further ahead thanks to the rebate

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The carbon tax levels the playing field

Gradually, zero-emission vehicles and electric heating become cost-competitive

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Our economy shifts to clean energy

We reduce emissions and stop climate change (yay!)

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How will your household do?

The average family of four in Ontario will get almost
$14,000 back in rebate money
over the next ten years.

Calculate Your Rebate

Feel like you want to take on the climate crisis but don’t know where to start?