The first week of our Climate Change Challenge is complete and as we head into week two we are reflecting on everyone’s amazing efforts from the first week.

The Challenge Overview 

The Climate Change Challenge is all about sharing your efforts today to create a better tomorrow. ⁣Each day you will be given a word to create your own take on it and challenge yourself to change. We will be sharing our daily hacks to give you inspiration on our Instagram @FairPathForward. 

Day 1: REUSE

There are many ways we can reuse, even something as simple as reusing an elastic band or repurpose an old toothbrush for cleaning purposes. As you enjoy a glass of wine, think about ways in which you could reuse that wine bottle… as a vase for the final flowers growing in your garden, or as a rolling pin for pizza dough…mmm pizza.


A powerful quote that puts the consumption of one-use plastic into perspective. ⁣Your shift of deciding to use a reusable straw may seem small but if we all join in together to make these changes, collectively it will make a significant impact. Refuse a plastic straw, plastic bag, coffee sleeve, drink tray… the list is endless!

Day 3: SHIFT

Day 3 of our challenge is all about shifting, shifting habits & how we do things. ⁣ For us, we focused on shifting the way we use water & aim for multi-using the same water. A simple shift to putting a bowl under the vegetables you are rinsing brings a chance to reuse that water again without wasting it. ⁣Climate hack: Use the same water to rinse veggies, boil your eggs and kill your weeds all in one pot!


As we know there are many ways other than the traditional *put it in the blue bin* recycling strategies. One way to recycle is to donate your clothes to the thrift store to give them a second life! Consider holding a clothing, book, shoe, toy swap with your friends⁣. Donating to and shopping at thrift stores are great ways to recycle items like clothing, kitchen essentials, decor and even furniture! ⁣


Consider our environment. Consider your children’s future. Consider making a change in how we shop. Our consideration is picking herbs from our herb garden instead of buying them prepackaged in the grocery store inside a plastic clamshell. Herbs won’t last all winter so freezing them in ice cube trays to keeps them for when we need them again. ⁣


In order to start being more conscious of our decisions about being environmentally aware we have to stop and RETHINK our choices. Swap in better alternatives and start making that change. ⁣We challenge you to stop and rethink your decisions and ask yourself “Is there a better alternative that I could be doing instead?” ⁣Soda Stream/Brita filtration system instead of single-use plastics, carrying your own utensils/take out containers when you head out to eat, choosing food products based on the packaging are ALL ways we can rethink the way we live. 


There are many household items that you may use every day that can be replaced. Replacing paper towels with a reusable cloth, replacing plastic wrap with bee’s wax wrap and replacing plastic shampoo/ conditioner bottles with refillable glass bottles. Instead of using tea bags, we replaced it with loose leaf tea. 

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