We estimate your
rebate will be:

in 2020

by 2022

Expected rebate each year

Your expected rebate each year for 4 years $307 in 2019; $448 in 2020; $588 in 2021; $718 in 2022; $307 2019 $448 2020 $588 2021 $718 2022

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the rebate explained

The carbon rebate is part of the federal government’s carbon tax and rebate policy, which is intended to fight climate change. While the carbon tax raises the costs of things like gasoline and home heating, all the money from the tax is rebated to households and businesses.

Here’s how it works:

  • As the carbon tax rises each year, families will receive larger rebates.
  • Most families get back more in rebates than they pay in taxes.
  • Large industrial polluters end up paying the most under this system, while most families come out ahead

The rebate benefit increases each year as the carbon price and the rebate both gradually rise. Learn More