We are more than halfway done the Climate Change Challenge and finishing up week three! As we head into the final week of the challenge, be reminded of all the efforts you have put in thus far and how you can finish the challenge strong.

Day 15: SHOP

We are officially half way through the #ClimateChangeChallenge! Are those changes starting to feel like habits? ⁣

It is Day 15 and today’s challenge is about how to SHOP. This one may seem odd as it is asking us to consume and he whole point of this challenge is to consume less. However, today is about shipping smart. Instead of going to the mall and purchasing new clothes, try going to the thrift store instead. By recycling the clothes other people have donated it reduces our overall footprint and is much cheaper! ⁣

You can also focus on Shopping at local food markets vs grocery stores. This helps the local farmers and ensures you are getting the freshest produce. If you are buying local, there is less transportation (boats, planes, trucks) involved in getting your food to your table. ⁣

Day 16: SHUT

Is it better to idle your car, even for 30 seconds or to shut it off? ⁣

Shut. It. Off. ⁣

(Day 16) Today’s challenge to SHUT. Shut off your car when idling, shut off the AC (especially this time of year). Shut off the lights when you leave a room or when possible, use natural light. ⁣

Day 17: WASTE

Day 17 of our #climatechangechallenge and today’s word of the day is WASTE. ⁣

There are many ways in which you can waste less. You can make smaller portions for dinner to reduce the amount of food wasted and package the food to make lunches. Another great way to waste less to plan meals before you go grocery shopping. This ensures you don’t buy more than you can eat and less food goes bad at the end of the week. Along with the kid’s lunches you’ve made with the leftovers, make sure to pack them with reusable utensils. Setting an example for your kids is important in making sure they learn how to be more conscious consumers.

Day 18: REVIEW

Day 18 is all about reviewing. The challenge is to REVIEW your choices on single-use plastics. Even something as simple as using utensils at the food court, bring your own bamboo utensils. These are easy to wrap up and keep in your purse until you need them and you never know when you will get hungry so it is best to keep them with you. ⁣

Another thing to review is your waste. By looking at the waste you produce, you can make changes to what you consume and how you consume it to make changes. For instance a couple of days ago we mentioned we keep bottle tabs, bread clips and elastics in bowls on our counter. This allows us to realize how much we produce in terms of these unrecyclable items and make changes on their reusing these items for other things or consuming these less. ⁣

Day 19: PLAN

Day 19 is all about planning! ⁣

Planning your meals for the week and writing a list of groceries to go with it helps to reduce the amount of food wasted that never gets eaten and ends up being thrown out at the end of the week. If all meals are planned for and food is bought for each, you also don’t overbuy at the grocery store because you have all the ingredients planned ahead of time. ⁣

Before running errands it is best to PLAN your route before you leave. This ensures that you hit all the stops in the most efficient route. If you don’t plan ahead you might find yourself driving around aimlessly wasting gas and in turn, producing more CO2.

Day 20: SWITCH

Day 20’s theme is to SWITCH – this for that. ⁣

Today we are switching out items in our day to day that are not recyclable for items that can we reuse for better for the environment. ⁣

A plastic straw can be switched for a paper or metal straw. The paper straw can be recycled and the metal straw can be used over and over again. ⁣
Another item you can switch out is your paper coffee cup. You might think that because it’s paper it can be recycled but it has a wax or plastic lining inside that makes it not recyclable. This is why it’s best to switch it out for a reusable coffee cup. ⁣

Day 21: DEFINE

⁣Day 21’s challenge is to DEFINE.

Define goals on where you can make a change. Whether it’s looking at your energy bill, conserving water, producing less waste, saving money in your bank account, or incurring less mileage in the car.

Having measurable goals will help you see how far you’ve come. It will also help you establish ones to continue working towards.

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