Climate change can create all kinds of reactions. Stress, arguments, panic, anger, frustration, heartbreak, all of these legitimate responses to the warnings, extreme weather changes, political positioning that we bear witness to every single day.

It can be overwhelming. The easy route would be to bury our head in the sand. Even easier to put the responsibility of other countries, big polluters or government. But the reality is that we ALL collectively need to make changes in our lives in order to help make a change in the path we have currently created.

The Good News.

The good news is that there are countless ways we can make changes. Even better is when you look at the options, there is often a significant amount of ways to save not only the earth but money as well.

We need to start by shifting our mindset.

It is crucial we look at ways we purchase, conserve, save, reuse and waste. We need to consider how we travel, the path to the shopping shelf & the carbon footprint it takes to get there. Get informed around actions that Canada is taking in the fight towards climate change so that you understand where you can make a difference for your family. If we can get in the frame of mind of becoming a more conscious consumer, conserver and waster, not one but millions of us, then we will most definitely see an impact.

Introducing the #ClimateChangeChallenge

Join us in a 30-day Climate Change Challenge beginning September 20th. Sit down with your family and talk through taking this as a group, Model behaviour for your children, friends, nieces, nephews, grandkids. Show them an opportunity to change habits and just how easy it can be.

The best part?

You aren’t doing it alone. Countless others will be taking the challenge as well and posting their pics for change with #ClimateChangeChallenge.

Follow us on our social channels to get daily suggestions for what to consider and join us in taking that first step towards empowering your family, shifting both your habits and your mind. All you need to do is consider the word for the day and change the way you approach something with the keyword prompt. Post your change and hashtag for others to see suggestions on what can be done.

Around the world, kids will be out striking on September 20th for the Youth Climate Strike. A week later, a Global Climate Strike is planned for September 27th.

We owe it to future generations to start now.