As we wrap up our #ClimateChangeChallenge with the fourth and final week, we want to remind you of the amazing work you put in these past 30 days and to encourage you to continue making change.

Day 22: ADD

Day 22’s challenge is to ADD. You might think what can I possibly add if I’m trying to reduce my consumption??⁣

Good question! We believe in adding what doesn’t involve consumption. In fact, it involves reducing our impact. ⁣Adding people to your carpool allows for fewer cars to be on the road. This overall reduces our emissions. ⁣

Imagine if all the single person cars on the road suddenly carpooled… it would reduce the number of cars by almost half! That’s WAY less traffic! ⁣

Day 23: CREATE

Imagine the world you grew up in… and imagine the world we live in today. Both are very different from each other. And even more different from the world your grandkids or great-grandkids will grow up in. ⁣

Day 23’s challenge is to CREATE. Create a world worth growing up in, for your kids, grandkids & great-grandkids. ⁣

How will you create that world, not only for them but for yourself too? ⁣


Day 24 is to EDUCATE. Seek to educate yourself in how to fight climate change. You are already on the right track by following along on our #climatechangechallenge journey so today continue to seek out more information to improve your knowledge on the subject. ⁣

Education is how we gained our beliefs and opinions. Share the wealth of knowledge by teaching your family and sharing it with the world.

Day 25: LOBBY

Day 25 is about standing up for what you believe in. Creating a movement with like-minded people and making a difference. ⁣

The challenge is to LOBBY. Stand behind your beliefs and fight for a change. ⁣

Day 26: UNPLUG

Day 26’s challenge is to UNPLUG. How often do you unplug your phone charger when not in use? Is it still plugged in right now as you read this?⁣

10% of power is lost to phantom power. Phantom power is the energy lost when cords are kept plugged in. It costs Canadians up to $150 a year! ⁣

Even unplugging your lamps when you leave the house for the weekend. ⁣

What cords do you usually leave plugged in? What will you keep unplugged today?

Day 27: SWAP

Day 27’s challenge is to SWAP! Many household items can be swapped for their eco-friendly alternative such as dryer sheets can be swapped out for dryer balls which can be reused many times. ⁣

A dryer sheet is only used once and is full of harmful chemicals for your health and for the environment. Chemicals in dryer sheets are linked to many health issues and pollute the air around us. ⁣

It is best to avoid these sheets and instead opt for reusable dryer balls. ⁣

Dryer balls are eco-friendly and sustainable. They also don’t have any fragrance or chemicals. If you want your clothes to smell fresh it is best to drop a few of your favourite essential oils into the wool dryer ball to create a light fresh scent. ⁣


For this entire challenge, we have been focusing on what we can do for our planet and how we can become more environmentally responsible so today, for Day 28 your challenge is to CONNECT. Connect with nature and remember why you did this challenge in the first place. ⁣

Was it to create a future for your kids? Was it to preserve the wilderness you experienced as a kid? Bring back those mementoes and share them with your kids? ⁣

We challenge you to go outside today and reconnect with nature and the reason why you started the #climatechangechallenge


The end of the challenge is almost here and to continue on past the 30-day challenge we encourage you to join a COMMUNITY of like-minded people. People who share the same beliefs as you and who will fight for the same thing.

Your community will encourage you when you feel like giving up, give you tips and advice when your feeling stuck, and stand by you even when you feel like your alone on this journey.

Join our community of Mama & Papa Bears who all have the same idea when it comes to fighting climate change for our children to have the same childhood that we did. #GoMama/#GoPapaBear


The final day of our 30-Day challenge is here! Day 30 is all about USING YOUR VOICE.

Use your voice by voting, educating others and to make a change.

It’s been a long journey these last 30 days and we are so proud of our progress and the changes we have made. We encourage you to continue your efforts as our journey to create a better world is just beginning.

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